„Åka Skidor“ is European Magazine of the Year

Salzburg (ots) – The winners of the European Publishing Awards 2021 have been announced. European Magazine of the Year 2021 is „Åka Skidor“ by Story House Egmont (Sweden). The international jury voted for Scandinavia’s largest skiing magazine since 1975. Newcomer of the Year is „einfach los“, Burda’s modern lifestyle magazine for nature lovers, camping and outdoor enthusiasts, launched in March 2020 (Germany). The trophy for the European Digital Publishing Platform of the Year goes to n-tv.de, a leading online news brand in Germany. Content Creator of the Year is BMW, supported by Territory Content to Results.

This season’s competition, conducted by Medienfachverlag Oberauer (Salzburg), saw some 320 entries from markets all across Europe in various categories for magazines, digital media and owned media published by organizations – 100 entries more than the year before. All main categories‘ winners will be presented at the digital edition of the European Publishing Congress on June 15th, where also the main winners of the European Newspaper Award will be honored.

The jury decided to give a special recognition to all publishing teams across Europe who provide public dashboards on the current COVID-19 situation. According to the jury, data journalism is facing a break-through moment: „The visualization of relevant data is crucial to inform people about the regional and global pandemic situation. Day by day, collaborative efforts of scientists, journalists, data specialists, web and IT professionals contribute to improving public knowledge and to helping individuals as well as political decision makers to act as adequate as possible.“

All winners of the European Publishing Awards 2021: https://www.publishing-congress.com/awards/?lang=en

Further information and registration to attend the congress for free: https://www.publishing-congress.com/?lang=en

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